PapAn iTam

cinta itu memang indah...
cinta adalah segala-galanya
tapi cinta pada ibu bapa dan pencipta
itu lebih indah....

Friday, August 6, 2010


There are so many stories I still want to tell
There are so many I love you left unsaid
There are many tears left uncried
There are many dreams left to fall apart

I miss our long talks
I miss the nights when all was alright
I love you like a sister, you were my angel,
I wonder why you left me here to die

We were forever best friends
When one fell to the ground
The other one was there to help back up.
We healed our broken hearts
With a hug and a gentle smile.
We stayed up every night looking at the stars,
Giggling like little girls and having midnight talks.

You said you had to go
I wished it wasn't
You said we'd always write.
You said it would be like old times.
I looked in your eyes as you looked into mine,
With smiles like everything was fine.

Yet we both knew well that this was our last good-bye.
We knew that we would never again
Have those long talks and play like little girls again.
We knew all the pain we'd cause ourselves.
I also knew that my angel was being taken away,
Yet we promised no matter what we'd remain forever best friends

erm..xtaw la naper
laju jer ak nk tulis poem untuk ko cik
xtaw r aknye grammar btl ke x

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